Super Power Technology


Who We Are

Super Power Technology (SPT) emerged from a vision of it’s founder Mr. Ahmad El Sadek delivering superior quality and service in the energy sector. With origins in Abu Dhabi’s major onshore oilfield operations, SPT’s evolution from a trading entity to a prominent energy leader is remarkable. Our diverse divisions cater to various segments, cultivating a robust network of global partners, suppliers and distributors. Our two-decade journey exemplifies our commitment, forging lasting relationships and trust as the cornerstones of our achievements. Today, SPT stand strong as a symbol of dedication, excellence and unwavering customer focus.


At Super Power Technology, Our unwavering commitment to QHSE is evident through ISO certifications – ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 reflecting our dedication to the highest standards attainable. QHSE is ingrained in every operation, protecting employee health, delivering quality and minimizing environmental impact. We continually enhance QHSE performance ensuring safety, adhering to regulations and promptly mitigating risks through training and robust processes.

Furthermore SPT strongly support the local economy through active participation in the In-Country Value (ICV) and Make It In The Emirates programs. Our commitment to these programs drives local supplier engagement, talent development, and operational localization. As an active participant we consistently enhance our contributions, aligning them with our business decisions and growth strategies. By delivering quality products, tailored services and efficient solutions, we leave a meaningful and lasting imprint on the local economy.


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