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Strikes and Smiles: A Day of Team Building Fun at Super Power Technology

20 January, 2023

At SPT, we believe in the power of teamwork and the strength of a united team. What better way to celebrate our collective spirit than a day of laughter, fellowship, and some friendly competition?


We recently took a break from our usual routine to hit the bowling lanes for a day filled with strikes, spares, and endless team-building moments. The bowling alley became our playground, and every roll of the ball echoed the sounds of collaboration and teamwork.


The pins weren’t the only things falling – barriers, stress, and work-related worries took a backseat as we engaged in some healthy competition. From beginners to seasoned professionals, everyone gave it their best shot, fostering a sense of friendly rivalry that only strengthened the bonds within our team. To our surprise Binshad, a first timer ended up taking home the winning prize of a Samsung mobile phone for scoring the heights score.


Beyond the strikes and spares, the day was a reminder that in the midst of our busy schedules, taking a moment to unwind and connect as a team is not just valuable but essential. A huge thank you to every member of our team who participated, cheered, and made the day a resounding success. Your enthusiasm and team spirit are what make SPT truly exceptional.


This bowling day was just the beginning of our team-building adventures. Stay tuned as we continue to foster a workplace culture that values collaboration, celebrates achievements, and makes room for a bit of fun along the way. Whether it’s strikes on the bowling alley or tackling challenges in the office, one thing remains constant – at SPT, we roll strong together.

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