Super Power Technology

Stimulation Chemicals

For oil and gas wells needing enhanced performance, our stimulation chemicals provide the solution. These specially formulated chemicals are used to improve production from reservoirs by making it easier for the oil or gas to flow into the wellbore.
Acid Corrosion Inhibitors
Gelling Agents
Viscoelastic Surfactant
Mutual Solvents
Acid Diverters
Corrosion Inhibitors
Asphaltene Dispersants/Inhibitors
Emulsion Breakers for Downhole
Anti Sludge
Friction Reducers
Hydrogen Sulfide Scavengers
Iron Control Agents
Acid Foamers
Acid Emulsifiers
Fluid Loss Additives
Scale Inhibitors
Paraffin (Wax) Dispersants/Inhibitors