Super Power Technology


We supply a wide range of high-quality lubricants designed to reduce friction and wear, enhance equipment lifespan and optimize operational efficiency. Our lubricants perform in the most challenging conditions, offering excellent protection, reduced maintenance and improved productivity.
Automotive Products
Diesel Engine Oil
Automotive Gear Oil
Automotive Coolants
3 Wheelers Oil
2 T Oil
Scotter Oil
Hydraulic Oil
Turbine Oil
Refrigeration Compressor Oil
Metal Working Fluids
Railroad engine Oil
General Purpose Oil
Rock drilling oil/Pneumatic Oil
Industrial Greases
Stern Tube Oil
Outboard Engine Oil
Diesel Exhaust Fluid
Gasoline Engine oil Lubricants
Transmission Oil
Tractors Oil
Brake Fluids
Flushing Oil
Motorcycle Oil
Automotive Greases
Industrial Gear Oil
Compressor Oil
Transformers Oil
Heat Transfer Oil
Circulating Oil
Spindle Oil
Slideway Oil
Trunk Piston Engine Oil
Marine Cylinder Oil
Stern System Oil
Moulding Oil
Viscosity Modifier